About Us

A talented and highly motivated devops team with decades of experience in the IT-industry, opensource and hosting.

Most of us started tinkering with computers in our early childhoods during the late 80s and 90s before making our hobby our career in the early 2000s. We grew up on various Linux distributions and technology stacks and feel most at home in the opensource world and work as programmers and IT-architects for hire.

We also have extensive experience working with hardware and technology commonly used with renewable energy such as solar and wind. IT and technology are our passion and we approach quality and client satisfaction very seriously.

We believe in keeping things simple and will go out of our way to understand where you are coming from and your mission objectives. We would gladly meet you over a cup of coffee or lunch just to talk without any strings attached.


Bara Roligt AB
CIN 559410-6618
VAT SE559410661801
Approved for F-tax